Disclaimer & Links.

As a disclaimer, the feminism I adhere to is a queer, liberal feminism. I define feminism as challenging the systematic oppression of gendered Otherness, and it's relation to sexuality, race, bodies, ability and class. No one wins in this culture, not even men.

All opinions expressed are my own. Although I do have affiliations with some companies mentioned, I have not been compensated/ given extra cups of tea.

Had a feminist awakening? Worried some people might start calling you a feminazi? Fear not, heed these resources, and learn you some good things:

Feminism & Fashion 

Broadist -  http://www.broadist.com/
Politics and Fashion - http://politicsandfashionblog.com/
Latter Style - http://www.latterstyle.com/
Threadbared - http://iheartthreadbared.wordpress.com/
Minh-ha T. Pham - ''If The Clothes Fit: A Feminist Takes on Fashion'' [Article]
Greta Christina - ''Fashion Is A Feminist Issue'' [Article]

Feminism & Pop Culture 

Feminist Frequency - http://www.feministfrequency.com/
Nostalgia Chick - http://blip.tv/nostalgia-chick
Rookie - http://rookiemag.com/
Needs More Gay - http://blip.tv/needsmoregay


'How to be a Woman' - Caitlin Moran
'Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism' - Natasha Walter
'The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post 9/11 America' - Susan Faludi
'Female Chauvinist Pigs: Woman and the Rise of Raunch Culture' - Ariel Levy
'The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change' -  Angela McRobbie
'Interrogating Postfeminism: Gender and the Politics of Popular Culture' - Yvonne Tasker & Diane Negra

NB: I have not been sponsored by any of the links/ authors given, nor am I directly affiliated with any of these sites/ authors.

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