Sunday, 7 July 2013

Clothes Swap Party!

Last Wednesday, I went to a Clothes Swap Party. A wonderfully cheap way to update my wardrobe = very excited me. Plus wine and snacks. A recipe for a really lovely evening! 

The Bounty!

Sequin Dress - French Connection

Speckle Roll Sleeve Dress - Topshop
(Mega chuffed with this - have wanted one for ages!)

Lace Top - Wallis

Vintage Cardigan - Laura Ashley

      Tank Top - Brat & Suzie for Warehouse

T-Shirt - New Look

Black Cocktail Dress - Joy

Awesome Satchel! 

Anything not claimed was bagged up and taken to the charity shop. I'm super pleased with my lovely new pieces. I have already worn the topshop dress a ridiculous number of times!

Lois x x

Monday, 1 July 2013

Playlist: Muggy Summer.

Muggy Summer. from Jack-of-Hearts on 8tracks Radio.

First Fires - Bonobo feat. Grey Reverend/ Julian - Say Lou Lou/ Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala/ Tearz for Animals - CocoRosie feat. Antony Hegarty [EP version]/ All That Matters - Giraffage/ Older Brother - Pepper Rabbit/ Amor Fati - Washed Out/ All Your Gold - Bat For Lashes/ Master of None - Beach House

For the last couple of days, I have been both chilly and ridiculously warm at the same time. I'm pretty sure that I'm not ill, and that it is in fact the sea breeze taking the edge off some very humid weather.

Because I am British and therefore obsessed with weather, I was influenced to make a playlist. It's pretty relaxing. Enjoy!

Lois x x

Friday, 28 June 2013

Four of the Best: Handmade Brooches

I've always really loved handmade jewellery, but having experienced working for a handmade jewellery company makes me love it even more. There's something so wonderful knowing that the money you pay for these pieces goes straight to the maker's pocket, so that they can go on and make more beautiful things!

Here are some of my most loved brooches. Brooches and Necklaces are my most worn jewellery items, so it seemed fitting to detail some of my faves.

David Bowie Brooch by And Smile (via Mama

I only just bought this yesterday. Made using shrinkable plastic and marker pens.

Vintage Fabric (Sewing Machine) Button by Jessie Jumbles.

Handmade button using vintage fabric.

Stag Brooch by Lady Muck of Whitstable.

Made out of wood. I don't think this is avaliable anymore,but worth investigating if it takes your fancy. [Edit: I've been informed by the owner that these will be back in stock in the Winter. Yeah!]

Cross Stitch Brooch from The Wardrobe

I bought this a couple of years ago from a little boutique in Leicester (which is an absolute treasure trove of goodies!) Unfortunately I don't know who made it. But it's ever so nice!

Lois x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fashion & Feminism: Eh?

Two of my interests are pretty contradictory. I've spent a very long time trying to console them. Like, years.

Feminism: Books, Pretty serious, Really rather useful.
Fashion: Froofy, Aesthetically pleasing, Requires money, Aimed (mostly) at a feminine market.

And that's where the problem comes in. Femininity.  I identify as a cisgender woman; an identity that I have actively chosen that just so happens to be the same as the gender I was assigned at birth. I really enjoy performing femininity, yet, historically, it is a bit... eh. It poses such questions as: is femininity a form of social performance exerting control over the (let's face it) not-so-well treated gender in society? Or is it the mocked, othered gender that no one really takes that seriously? Or both? I'd say both. However, it's the latter I find particularly interesting, and it is something that I want to explore. Effemiphobia is something that both men and women experience, and aesthetic femininity is something that I want to reclaim as having feminist potential.

But how on earth do you reclaim something that seems so much at odds with your political beliefs?

Well, I think several things will have to be taken into account:

  • Aesthetic identity doesn't fully equate with personal experience. 
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong in being feminine. Or masculine. Or androgynous. Or none of the above.
  • Femininity still has scope for fluidity. 

For this, I shall be thinking about fashion from a practical basis.
  • Where is the product made, and who made it?
  • Can I afford it?  
  • Do I own more clothes than anything else? (including, but not limited to: Food, Books, Toothpaste)
  • Is my appearance making me feel stressed?
  • Do I want to look more like a boy today?

I am a great believer in enjoyment and little pleasures (you only live once, right?), and so this is an experiment in balancing. Enjoying aesthetic femininity without shame. Living within one's means. Shopping ethically. Not wearing clothes/ doing any beauty treatments that cause pain.   

A lovely balance of the two. Actively choosing to be feminine without feeling the pressure.

So what's the plan?

  • Spotlights on independent designers and makers.
  • OTTDs, remixing Highstreet, Independently made and Second hand.
  • General 'feminist lifestyle' musings (Love how hilariously debauched this sounds!)
  • How to feel pampered for very few pounds.