Friday, 28 June 2013

Four of the Best: Handmade Brooches

I've always really loved handmade jewellery, but having experienced working for a handmade jewellery company makes me love it even more. There's something so wonderful knowing that the money you pay for these pieces goes straight to the maker's pocket, so that they can go on and make more beautiful things!

Here are some of my most loved brooches. Brooches and Necklaces are my most worn jewellery items, so it seemed fitting to detail some of my faves.

David Bowie Brooch by And Smile (via Mama

I only just bought this yesterday. Made using shrinkable plastic and marker pens.

Vintage Fabric (Sewing Machine) Button by Jessie Jumbles.

Handmade button using vintage fabric.

Stag Brooch by Lady Muck of Whitstable.

Made out of wood. I don't think this is avaliable anymore,but worth investigating if it takes your fancy. [Edit: I've been informed by the owner that these will be back in stock in the Winter. Yeah!]

Cross Stitch Brooch from The Wardrobe

I bought this a couple of years ago from a little boutique in Leicester (which is an absolute treasure trove of goodies!) Unfortunately I don't know who made it. But it's ever so nice!

Lois x


  1. It would be lovely if you posted a sort of How to: Handmade Brooches or other knick knacks. I'm intrigued by the process because in theory, it seems so simple and accessible in the average household yet I know nothing about it like what to use and where to get it etc

    Electrical Being

    1. Yes, definitely! An easy start would be to use scrap pieces of fabric, something to wrap it round and secure, and a pin for the back. Fabric shops often have off cut bins that are great for picking up bits and pieces without having to spend loads :)

      x x x

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    1. Thanks! Handmade jewellery is brilliant :) x x