Sunday, 7 July 2013

Clothes Swap Party!

Last Wednesday, I went to a Clothes Swap Party. A wonderfully cheap way to update my wardrobe = very excited me. Plus wine and snacks. A recipe for a really lovely evening! 

The Bounty!

Sequin Dress - French Connection

Speckle Roll Sleeve Dress - Topshop
(Mega chuffed with this - have wanted one for ages!)

Lace Top - Wallis

Vintage Cardigan - Laura Ashley

      Tank Top - Brat & Suzie for Warehouse

T-Shirt - New Look

Black Cocktail Dress - Joy

Awesome Satchel! 

Anything not claimed was bagged up and taken to the charity shop. I'm super pleased with my lovely new pieces. I have already worn the topshop dress a ridiculous number of times!

Lois x x

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